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20% off on all Abaya until April 1

30 Mar

Jelbab.com has a huge selection of abaya, both in color and black. They are having their annual abaya sale now, 20% off- valid until April 1, Friday. Hurry up if you waited for this sale, it is a good deal! In addition, hijabs are on fixed price now!
Here what they say on this sale,


Big sale in Jelbab.com

12 Jan

Jelbab.com has always huge collection of long dress/abayas and jelbab. I guess to make more room for their Spring/Summer specails, right now they are giving a sale on abayas and jelbabs in low price compared to their usual price. Check it out and you may find something cool!

96 Hours Sale at Jelbab.com

29 Apr

Check out Jelbab.com as they are having up to 70% off throughout the site. Abayas as low as $23.99 and hijab as low as $4.20 and many more super deals are there. Check out before they are gone. Sale ends Sunday, May 2nd!

The Sunnah the Better at San-Antonio Texas

14 Apr

I will introduce one local store today. If you live in San Antonio, TX or close by area, you can be benefited from this store. Many Texan sisters know this family (sister) as they do travel to different nearby cities to display their stuff in different programs.
They really have a large selection of hijabs, scarves, amiras, abayas, under-scarves in many different styles and shades. Price is also very reasonable. They opened a store now, so you can visit them personally to buy hijabs if you live or visit there. they also have “On Site Seamtress” in the store which a great thing! The address is: 5772 Evers Road, San Antonio, TX 78238. ( on the corner of Evers & Wurbach Rd)

Oh and also in addition to the ladies items, they do carry men’s items, fragrance (really a huge collection!), Islamic decorations, kids items and many more.

Their web address is www.thesunnahthebetter.com. Yes, they do have online store, but believe me the actual inventory is much larger! I believe their main focus is not the online store and hence not undated frequently. If they get a chance to spend some effort for their online e-commerce store, that will be beneficial for them as well as us, the customers who do regular online shopping for hijabs! Until then only the sisters living near or around San Antonio continue to get benefited from this store! Happy shopping!

Local Stores

2 Apr

There are many local stores serving the muslim sisters in many of the cities around the country. Sometimes these stores are solely hijab/abaya stores, in other times hijabs/abayas or scarves are sold as part of their clothing stores. In smaller cities this number is very few or none, but in bigger cities there are large number of stores to be worth mentioning and the numbers are growing.

Also, in addition to these stores, many sisters individually sell hijab or related staff they brought from their own country or other places for sell. If they like, they can add their items and info in this section as well to reach out bigger community around them. I will soon create a separate category ‘classified’ for these independent home based sellers.

In this category I would love to compile different vendors scattered in different cities around the country. So if you are the owner of such stores or if you know about one, please let us know in the comment section. We will compile them and add them in our comprehensive listing. Thanks a lot everyone for being with us.

The Hijab Shop

24 Mar

“The Hijab Shop is a company based in England, bringing you a wide range of the latest headscarves”. This is what they have to say about themselves in their own words about www.thehijabshop.com.

They have been in business for a while and are doing great serving muslims worldwide. They also donate “10% of your money… to muslim charities”, which is very praiseworthy. Read more here.

Their prices are reasonable given the beautiful items from abayas to varieties of hijab collections. I like the cut — not very typical, but I would say quite sporty, very comfortable and casual looking. I tried to find the materials they used for their abayas, but the only description I found was for some of their workwear which is about 95% wool. The same description for the sport and casual wear lines would be very helpful. Shipping and Handling cost and time seems reasonable.

“IKEA’s Edmonton branch contacted TheHijabShop.com to design and produce a ‘hijab’ – a Muslim headscarf – that would fit in with their current uniform”. For more, read here. Their other venture includes ‘TheNasheedShop.com’. We are hoping to see more vibrant products from them in the future.